iPhone Repair Team

iPhone Repair Team are delivering you the best service in iPhone repairs. We are NUMBER 1!
Use our service when you want to save money, and have a quality guaranteed repair.
Our first successful repair was August 19 2008, Since then, we’ve enjoyed a 100% success rate. With no failures! We pride ourself on friendly service and free advice.
We also offer an alternative range of services for your iPhone, not just damage repair, See ‘Our Work’ page to find services such as iPhone unlocking and customisation.

What we’re famous for:

  • friendly service – your not our customer, your our friend (which probably explains why people say we give ‘mates rates’)
  • no obligation – you’ll recieve a price to fix your phone damage, but dont feel you need to use us. Get your phone fixed elsewhere, and we promise you’ll end up back here when the problem comes back!
  • completely FREE quote – it wont cost you a penny for a quote on your damage. Its a FREE service! we wont send you junk mail, we wont keep your email address, we’re looking to help you, not swamp you..
  • repairs are speedy – if your in Manchester, we can usually fix your iPhone in a minute or two (call us first though). outside of Manchester, We’re as quick as the post will deliver it.
  • satisfaction guaranteed – we love making you happy. Last year we covered over a thousand repairs, and not one of those customers were unhappy. This was down to our ‘friendly service’ and our 100% success rate..

How we do things..

iPhone, iPad, or iPod Repair?

Fill out a form here and give as lots of detail about the problem, We’ll email you a price and all you have to do is post your phone to us with the quote.. As it gets to us, you’ll be notified we have your phone, and once its fixed it gets sent back.. Easy!
The iphone repair team reccomend you send you iPhone by recorded, insured post only. Un-recorded post is made at your own risk! We are against uninsured post!

MacBook Repair – a new service..

Using the same form here, give us your details, making sure you include a phone number. Be detailed in your statement of the problem.  All you do is wait.. because we’ll call you for a brief chat, then arrange to pick the MacBook up by secure and insured courier.
Once we have the machine, we confirm the problem, then fix the problem. Once the machine is fixed we ask for payment, and finally its sent back via courier with receipt..

FREE Warranty with all repairs..

All our repairs come with warranties (although no one has ever used them), We offer a 100-day unconditional guarantee on all of our work.

A few truths:

Ok, Our 100% success rate isn’t down to luck. We cheat! We use genuine apple parts. Not many companies offer these parts because it eats into the margin of the repair cost.
We never use non-genuine parts, and we will not even if asked.
But why not? You could make loads of money with the cost you save:

We love iPhones and apple. We’re a genuine massive fan of what they do. And if you were a Lamborghini fan, you wouldn’t want to be driving around with second hand brake parts from a 30 year-old VW Beetle (awesome car). Eventually the stress of running such massive power through tiny used brakes, would cause a failure.
This is why we treat your iPhone special, only the best treatment, and parts for our number 1 love interest.. From arrival to departure.

Special Offers

We occasionally offer specials for our ‘facebook friends’ and our ‘twitter followers’, by simply adding us, and listening to us ‘waffle-on’ about how much we love apple products. You can have chance of winning something, or recieving special discounts on products and services.
Its free to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ us, and if we’re honest, 2 in 5 of our prizes usually go to followers who havent even used us.
Last year a happy lady won a brand new iPod, she’d only added us a day before the giveaway! Now thats luck!

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