The Repair

The iPhone

Prices start at just £10, Just remember - You're buying quality parts.. Use the button to find out how much your repair will cost.
Case / Chassis

We do fix..

  • Cracked, scratched or damaged screens – Quick and easy..
  • Dead batteries, or unable to hold a charge – Fairly Simple..
  • Audio jack damage – Not even challenging..
  • Water damage fault – Now we’re getting serious..
  • Storage faults – Oh yeah, could be a challenge..
  • WiFi issues – We’re super smart with these..

We can fix anything..

Anything except a poor taste in music. That cant be fixed i'm afraid.

But we do fix and can replace all parts, there are well over 50 parts in the iPhone, and in sum cases those parts, are made out of even more parts..
Get a quote and ask us how much.