iPhone Repairs Altrincham

iPhone Repairs Altrincham

We are a local based firm offering iPhone repairs Altrincham. We can offer repair phones within the hour, so call and book your repair in now.

Repairs include, LCD Replacement, Water Damage, Charging Issues, Battery Replacement, Microphone Issues, Ear Speaker Problems, Ringer Problems, WiFi Issues. Data Retrieval, Resets, Software Issues and much more.

We repair the following iphones:

iphone 7 Plus Repairs Altrincham

iphone 7 Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 6s Repairs Plus Altrincham

iPhone 6s Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 6 Plus Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 6 Repairs Altrincham

iPhone SE Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 5S Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 5C Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 5 Repairs Altrincham

iPhone 4 and 4S Repairs Altrincham


iPad Air Repair Manchester

Broken iPad Air… don’t just go anywhere.

We are experts in all Apple repairs, the complete iPad range.

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iPad repairs as well you know!

Despite our obvious name of iphone repairs, our team don’t just stop there .. oh no! we do iPad repairs too.

Get your free diagnostic quote today and have your Apple device shining like a christmas ball fresh out of the factory.

We repair iPad’s

ipad 2

ipad 3

ipad 4

ipad mini

Problems with your iPhone?

Common Problems with Your iPhone – Are you aware of the common problems with your iPhone? Anyone can see that the iPhone is one of the trendiest smart phones in the world today. You just cannot miss it. On the other hand, there will be certain problems that you might encounter while using your smart phone. Taking good care of it is not enough. It is best that you learn about the common problems that you can go through while using your iPhone to anticipate the right iphone repairs that you can utilize. Two of the top problems on iPhones are battery failure and charging port damage. This can be caused by constant usage of these phone parts. On the other hand, you do not have to worry so much about this because these are just minor problems. All you have to do is look for a technician to handle your repair needs. It will be repaired back into its original condition in as fast as an hour or less.